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Google Hangout

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Are you currently using Google Hangouts to publicize your enterprise?

Hangouts can develop into the greatest weapon in the ideal hands for linking, engaging, and creating connections with the key influencers and clients to your company.

What is more, Google Hangouts is available for everybody, free to use, and features a massive variety of apps and features, making it incredibly flexible. For all these reasons, the changes introduced by this tool for boosting your company will be bound only by your imagination.

For inspiration to get you started, here are 10 brands utilizing Google Hangouts creatively to their enterprise and that is more beneficial for their business.

Manchester United Football Club

The Front Suspension effort included broadcasting videos of lovers via the electronic advertising hoardings in the face of the Old Trafford pitch. This is a world-first at the moment. It also enabled Manchester United fans worldwide to maintain the front row’ because their favorite team played.

Shoppable Google Hangout with Diane von Furstenberg

The style designer, Diane von Furstenberg, created history by being the first manufacturer to sponsor a shoppable Google Hangout. All of the clothing featured throughout the shoppable Hangout were made available to purchase through a connection that took audiences to some other window where they can buy the garment on screen.

The achievement of Shoppable Hangout is exemplified by numerous striking statistics. A promotional trailer launched a week ahead of the Hangout created a vast 2.3 million viewpoints on YouTube. Additionally, the project created 150 million social media impressions and more than 65 million media impressions that, unsurprisingly, aided boost traffic and revenue for spouses selling Diane von Furstenberg clothes.

Penguin and BBH Storytime Google Hangout App

In cooperation with the marketing agency, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, the children’s book writer, Penguin, made a program that attracted the narrative ‘Billy Goats Gruff’ to exist in their Storytime Hangout page.

By clicking on a launch Storytime Hangout’ button, users could initiate a video phone and invite attendees to discuss in story time. Subsequently, by utilizing their webcams, participants can select a character in the story they wanted to play with and a mask signifying that personality would look above their face.

Explaining the development of the program, Anna Rafferty, MD of Penguin Digital, stated that “While nothing could ever replace the action of snuggling up with a novel and reading a story with a kid, we are using technology to give it a spin, letting it occur at long-distances, also linking stories and viewers as Penguin has ever done.”

Warner Brothers

To promote the initiation of the epic sci-fi movie interstellar’,” Warner Brothers held their very own Google Hangout with Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and other celebrities of the film. This supplied movie fans with the opportunity to ask the throw questions in real-time using a Q&A program, in addition to the chance to get tickets to the movie and accessibility-related links. Overall, the pioneering use of technologies was an excellent way of engaging with their audience.

Barack Obama

Is there a more extensive global brand compared to Barack Obama? The White House dubbed “the presidential hangout road excursion,” Obama talked with nine geographically dispersed Americans utilizing Google’s Hangout tool. The backgrounds of people who were fortunate enough to be chosen ranging from bloggers and internet entertainers to work-at-home mums and LGBT rights advocates.

Google Hangouts


Taylor Guitars

On the very first of those events, after talking about how the collaboration was, Daria and Tim Godwin, out of Taylor Guitars, gave a Taylor Guitar GS Mini to some lucky fan. Later, Daria played with her son perhaps’ and encouraged the live-in winner, Al Ebnereza, into the Hangout.

Washington Post

The American paper, Washington Post, utilizes Hangouts to permit readers and editors to debate and talk about critical public problems. Additionally, but those Hangouts have enabled followers to participate together and listen to each other’s standpoint. Thus far, the newspaper has covered a wide selection of topics, such as diversity in America’ and what questions Romney and Obama should reply?’

Taylor Swift

Pop feeling, Taylor Swift, utilized Google Hangouts to announce her brand new album’s’.

The Food and Booze Show

The Food and Booze Show utilizes Google Hangouts to critique what bars and restaurants have in their menu — life and on location. It has shown that Hangout formats may operate with Wi-Fi and mobile technologies, demonstrating that the tool may be used for companies to market their goods and solutions on-the-go. As soon as the Food And Booze Show has utilized Hangouts in years past, they’ve encouraged audiences to comment and ask questions — that has made the experience quite interactive and kept the crowd engaged.


Having assembled the number of followers for their Google Plus page of around 3.5 million, Cadbury is presently a firm advocate of this platform. Because of this, in the run-up to Easter, the chocolate maker used Google Hangouts to create buzz around their #cremeeggbake contest — that involved participants submitting recipes utilizing crème eggs on social networking.

The winners were invited to partake in Hangouts, and the effort was deemed a huge success. This statement is backed up by numbers that show Cadbury appreciated 3 million organic viewpoints across Google Plus and 36,000 engagements — such as 3,000 remarks, 5,000 stocks, and 28,000 +1s.

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