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Change PayPal from Business to Personal
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Change PayPal from business to personal account in 5 Steps

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In this article, I am telling you the 2019 process that how to change PayPal from business to personal account.

PayPal is currently among the absolute most common online money transportation products and services. It indeed is available more than a half entire world for internet money transport. I will show you how to change PayPal from business to personal account. Now first understand, PayPal has three types of accounts –

1. Business Account

2. Personal Account

3. Premier Account


business account to personal


  1. Business Account– This account suggests that e-commerce retailers who consciously sell online. A significant benefit with the sort of a consideration is the fact that 200 staff members permit in your account and also undoubtedly will answer customer queries.
  2. Personalized Account– This account is currently free. Such a consideration suggests for people who would like to search and also cover on the web or discuss expenditures online.
  3. Premier Account– This account closely targets casual online vendors.

A PayPal business consideration used to market online goods while PayPal own account used to invest money into the banking accounts. An organization account delivers far more feature quote to your account permit one to sell things online with a new. Consequently, if you never require a small business account and would like to downgrade your own PayPal business account into your personal account. Change PayPal Business Account to Personal to this; you have to Speak to the PayPal Support using a telephone call, therefore, you can easily alter companies account to your account in PayPal.


business account to personal


Change PayPal Business Account to Personal Account through some steps

Follow this process :

Step 1 :

Log in to your PayPal account with your Email Address and Password.

Step 2 :

After that Click, the “Help & Contact” link which is located in the bottom left corner of the page. 

Step 3 :

Subsequently to change PayPal from Business to Personal, here you will get a “Contact Us” link in the bottom right corner of the page. Click on that link. Now



Step 4 :

After that click the “Email Us” button from the bottom of the page.

Step 5 :

In this page click the dropdown option “What can we help you with? “. Now select the main category as “Account profile and set up” now in the subcategory dropdown you can find “Upgrade or downgrade your account” click on that. Now type your message that you want to downgrade your account from business to personal. That’s all you will get a reply from PayPal within a few hours.

Here is some situation arises, some country shows this option and some country not. So if you can see these option on this page then you can use these steps to Message them and your job is done.


business account to personal


**Use these 5 steps and you can sure change the business account to your personal account.

Note: If you can’t find the option then select an option from this dropdown and send them a message related to an account downgrading.




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