July 16, 2017

What exactly is Tesla’s Solar Roof?

Since unveiling the new products a few weeks ago,  Tesla and Musk officials have been referring to the solar roof’s price as “less than the price of a regular roof when accounting for energy generation” – meaning that it will cost less than a regular roof when you account for your savings on your electricity bills.

Tesla will begin with the production of two óf the four styles it unveiled in October: a smooth glass and a textured glass tile. 1 Roofing a 2,000 square-foot home in New York state-with 40 percent coverage of active solar tiles and battery backup for night-time says Tesla’s official website.

Tesla’s Calculator 


It made sense. Solar energy is already competitive in several markets and while the price of the solar roof could be more expensive than a regular roof as an upfront investment, those electricity savings would quickly add up and made the product competitive with normal roofing solutions.


But now claiming that it would cost even less than a regular roof up front is a completely different game and also The warranty is for the lifetime of your home.

Hugh Bromley a solar analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance Says – “The pricing is better than I expected, better than everyone expected,”.

The rooftop shingles are virtually indistinguishable from traditional high-end roofing products.But with this discreet solar cells embedded beneath a glass surface. From most viewing angles, they look just like ordinary shingles, but they allow light to pass through from above onto a standard flat solar cell.

Tesla’s tiles are designed with tempered glass in to conform to the toughest durability standards for bóth roofs and solar products anywhere in the United State, according to Tesla. The roof itself is guaranteed to outlive your home, as the charged power creation of the solar panels is covered under a 30-year guarantee.

Tesla shall manage the whole process of solar roof installation, including removal of existing roofs, Design, permits, maintenance, and installation. The ongoing company estimates that installation will need in regards to a week.

The solar tiles have sold-out well into 2018, and the rumors of a fresh partnership serve for example that, while nobody knows Elon Musk’s intricaté plans, the entire goal is targeted at providing affordable sustainable energy still.

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